Ran the Peerless Beauty, Volume 7

Ran is filled to the brim with happiness after sharing her first kiss with Akira on Valentine’s Day. But soon after that, she finds out that the two of them will be in separate classes for the new school year. On top of that, Ran’s new peer in the gardening club is…a guy?! How will Ran handle her new circumstances?! Don’t miss Volume 7 of the pure love story between the “mountaintop flower” and the flower-shop boy!

Next Volume: Ran the Peerless Beauty, Volume 8

When Megumu, the son of a flower farmer, has joined the gardening club that Ran runs. When Megumu, who hates his family business, sees how happily Akira helps at his...

cover for Ran the Peerless Beauty, 10

Most Recent Volume: Ran the Peerless Beauty, Volume 10

Akira has learned about the past that Ran wanted to keep hidden from the world. But after trying to run away from it, Ran has decided to face her past...

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