Run Away With Me, Girl 2

Momo has been reunited with her lost love Midori, but they're still nowhere near a fairy-tale ending. With Midori tangled in a rocky engagement and Momo still pining for Midori, are the two women destined to be apart, or will fate find a way to bring them back to each other? While Midori tries to convince herself she's happy in her relationship with Tazune, Maki tries to convince herself she's happy not being in a relationship at all. But when Maki's friend Komari invites them to her seaside home, the three women find themselves questioning how to be true to what's in their own hearts, and encourage each other to reach out for their own versions of happiness. As Komari sees the shine that comes from Midori and Maki when they're together, it seems to light a path she might follow herself. Will Komari be able to show them what she sees? And if Midori and Maki see it, too, will it change how they look at the world--and each other?