Saint Young Men, Volume 10

Are you aware that the Tachikawa area of Tokyo is the number-one spot these days to run into celebri--no, make that saint-lebrities? There's Jesus and Buddha, plus Saint Mary, who hates people with fulfilling lives for some reason, then the Four Archangels who are the idols of the heavens, Buddha's disciple Ananda, and so on. Tachikawa is the happening place to be for saint-lebrities!!

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Contacting the heavens is easy with a smartphone, and so is keeping tabs on the demons with Facebook. Order the latest drink at Starbucks and pop that sucker on Insta!...

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Most Recent Volume: Saint Young Men, Volume 14

Buddha and Jesus are living a cheap vacation in the mortal world in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Buddha embraces minimalism like never before to solve the problem of their cramped living space!...

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