cover for Saint Young Men, 13

Saint Young Men, Volume 13

Jesus is weak against physical temptations, and Buddha is strict about household purchases. Revelations is a huge hit in the Heavens, so John packs himself into a hotel near Tachikawa Station to work on a new book. The holy figures take part in their own offline blogger meet-ups... We've got a whole lotta saintly young men hanging out in Tokyo right now! The mundane miracles just won't stop happening!!

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Next Volume: Saint Young Men, Volume 14

Buddha and Jesus are living a cheap vacation in the mortal world in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Buddha embraces minimalism like never before to solve the problem of their cramped living space!...

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Most Recent Volume: Saint Young Men, Volume 15

When Cain slew his younger brother Abel, it was said to be humanity's first murder. But what if it was a false accusation?! The truth is about to be revealed,...

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