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Saint Young Men, Volume 14

Buddha and Jesus are living a cheap vacation in the mortal world in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Buddha embraces minimalism like never before to solve the problem of their cramped living space! Judas's "Operation Grab Bag" for Jesus's sake crashes and burns. In addition to the usual archangels and devas, this one features a notable cast, including that famous, overly talented writer whose every letter gets added to the Bible, and that famous god who always spends each October home alone!!

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When Cain slew his younger brother Abel, it was said to be humanity's first murder. But what if it was a false accusation?! The truth is about to be revealed,...

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In today's world, there is an enticing lure that even heavenly figures cannot resist... The path of the YouTuber! What incident happens that threatens to break the spirit of Gabriel,...

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