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Saint Young Men, Volume 15

When Cain slew his younger brother Abel, it was said to be humanity's first murder. But what if it was a false accusation?! The truth is about to be revealed, millennia later! Also, Jesus's dad unveils his carefully crafted new rakugo routine, "The Last Supper"! But is it any good...? Between the fishermen brothers, the archangels, and the first appearance of Martha, patron saint of housewives, it's another busy day in Tachikawa with Jesus and Buddha!

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An up and coming holiday in Japan is the start of a new rivalry! Why is Buddha crying over the eternal loner Mara and his newest henchman? There's the guy...

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In today's world, there is an enticing lure that even heavenly figures cannot resist... The path of the YouTuber! What incident happens that threatens to break the spirit of Gabriel,...

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