Saint Young Men, Volume 7

BLASTS FROM THE PASTS Buddha, the Enlightened One, and Jesus, Son of God, continue their cosmi-comical explorations through Tokyo, with a whole new cast of characters from their storied pasts. The saints and their heavenly entourage take on 21st century technological demons, get a tropical break from the city in Okinawa, and ?nally meet the idols of the new world—a boy band. Follow the wise-guys of Tachikawa on their latest gag-?lled adventures, both sacred and pun-dane!

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Buddha, the Enlightened One, Jesus, the Son of God. Our favorite odd couple partake in more modern customs such as bowling, musical concerts, and get-ripped-quick exercise schemes. Most exciting of all, however, is...

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In today's world, there is an enticing lure that even heavenly figures cannot resist... The path of the YouTuber! What incident happens that threatens to break the spirit of Gabriel,...

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