Saint Young Men, Volume 8

Buddha, the Enlightened One, Jesus, the Son of God. Our favorite odd
couple partake in more modern customs such as bowling, musical
concerts, and get-ripped-quick exercise schemes. Most exciting of all,
however, is their first vacation-within-a-vacation, to the subtropical
paradise of Okinawa, where they'll snorkel, stay in a fancy hotel, and
see some of the local wildlife—if they don't get stuck in the
Okinawan afterlife first!

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The ultimate combination of God and Buddha lead a divinely-inspired life that might just be a little too humble. Setsubun, Hinamatsuri, pollen allergies, upgrading phone models, even appearing on the...

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Buddha and Jesus are living a cheap vacation in the mortal world in Tachikawa, Tokyo. Buddha embraces minimalism like never before to solve the problem of their cramped living space!...

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