cover for Saint Young Men (hardcover), 6

Saint Young Men Omnibus, Volume 6 (Vol.11-12)

The divine live among a flat in western Tokyo! After centuries of hard work, Jesus and Buddha take a break from their heavenly duties to relax among the people of Japan, and their adventures in this lighthearted buddy comedy are sure to bring mirth and merriment to all!

Buddha, the Enlightened One, and Jesus, Son of God, continue their jovial adventures through Japan in search of new experiences. The saintly duo tests the resolve of their various “comic” personas, treads new ground with their old acquaintances in Tachikawa, and encounters a fresh cast of divine colleagues during their explorations of Tokyo. Walk the path of the wisest of guys, and finally learn the answer to age-old spiritual questions—like where to get a good haircut when you’re traveling, and how to be on social media when the self is an illusion?