Sankarea, Volume 5

The hotel where she first met Chihiro is burning around her, but Rea's strangely glowing eyes are fixed on the boy she loves. Will she come to her senses before she eats Chihiro or the fire consumes them both? And even if they do escape, what can Rea do to keep herself from completely losing her reason and becoming nothing but a zombie hungry for Chihiro's flesh?

Next Volume: Sankarea, Volume 6

Searching through the forest at night, Chihiro finds Bub and comes facetoface with the true nature that lies waiting in all zombies as his beloved pet turns against him. Chihiro...

Most Recent Volume: Sankarea, Volume 11

In the wake of her hungerfueled rampage, Rea has left a trail of destruction leading up to the auditorium of her school, and it seems as though the only way...

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