Saving Sweets for After-Hours, Volume 3

Delicious treats aren't the only sweet things coming out of the Product Development Division at this confectionary company! Reika Fujisaki is a stunningly beautiful office manager, and working beneath her is Tsukasa Hasegawa, a model worker with the looks to match. Enchanted by each other's scents, the two follow their hearts (and noses) and start dating... a first for both of them! But this love story takes a turn when Oota-kun, another member of their division, finds out about the office romance they'd tried to keep hidden...! With Oota-kun left a changed (and somehow hotter?!) man by this stunning revelation, the question now is whether or not our office lovebirds can get him on their side! Reika and Hasegawa might take the cake when it comes to looks, but their recipe for the perfect office romance is about to get shaken up... big time!