Cover for Sensei's Pious Lie, Volume 1

Sensei's Pious Lie, Volume 1

Misuzu Hara is a quiet, reserved 24-year-old high school teacher whose world is turned upside down after her friend’s fiancé rapes her. Her attempt to connect with one of her students, himself a victim of sexual trauma, results in an unlikely romance, and the repercussions of these events affect everyone around them in often unpredicatable ways.

18+. Warning: Includes graphic depictions of sexual violence.

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Blinded by our own pain, we end up hurting the very people we want to protect. Under the sway of her abuser, 24-year-old teacher Misuzu Hara must lie to herself...

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Desperate in the face of Minako’s pregnancy, Hayafuji’s simmering hatred reaches the boiling point—and his grotesque imagination leaves Misuzu with an impossible choice to make. Unflinching and sometimes brutal, Akane...