Seven Shakespeares, Volume 11

The theater war between the Lord Strange's Men and the Admiral's Men turns into a showdown with Marlowe, with Shakes' career as a writer on the line! When their situation is nearing despair and it seems all odds are against them, Queen Elizabeth invites Shakes to court. If they incur her displeasure, execution awaits—but please her, and she could make some powerful backing in the theater war ... A terrifying audience begins—one that will decide Shakes' destiny!


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When constables suddenly barge into The Theater, Shakespeare and the rest of Lord Strange's men are thrown in jail! And then comes an announcement that all theaters are to be...

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The birth of Romeo and Juliet. This landmark romantic tragedy will build a new era for the art of theater… Queen Elizabeth’s secret. Shakes’ feelings for the woman he will...

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