SHAMAN KING, Volume 32

The Iron Maiden Jeanne uses her mana to revive Yoh and his friends, but Hao has many allies among the Patch tribe…and they don't intend to let anyone through. Hao, on the other hand, has made his way to the final Plant in the heart of the Lost Continent of Mu, and arrived at the Shrine of the King. Does Yoh's company have any chance of stopping Hao without the Five Elemental Spirits at their command?!

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After Hao is crowned the Shaman King, Yoh and his friends fight their way through the Plants of the Lost Continent of Mu, guarded by Hao's allies among the Patch...

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Yoh and his friends defeat the Ten Patch Officiants and catch up with Hao. But now that he's been crowned the Shaman King, they're no match for him, and he...

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