SHAMAN KING & a garden, Volume 1

The women of Shaman King are no pushovers, and the trio of Canna, Matilda, and Marion are no exception! Find about the origins of this team in SHAMAN KING & a garden!

cover for SHAMAN KING & a Garden, 2

Next Volume: SHAMAN KING & a garden, Volume 2

The stories behind Hao’s three women team of Canna, Mathilda, and Marion is finally revealed Canna is the daughter of the historical and influential Bismarck Family. When her parents and maid,...

Most Recent Volume: SHAMAN KING & a garden, Volume 3

The backstories of the three beauties of Hanagumi, Canna, Mathilda, and Marion are finally revealed. Young Mathilda is training to become a shaman with her grandma in the forest. But...