Shojo Fight, Volume 1

Ever since that day, Neri Oishi’s resolved not to make friends. She’s fifteen years old and plays volleyball at Hakuunzan Private Academy Middle School, which is known for producing top players of the sport. Neri’s doing everything she can to hold herself back, including hiding that she was the captain of a team that took second place in a national tournament when she was in elementary school. While she’s immersed in this team sport, why should Neri have to kill herself? What keeps her from quitting volleyball in spite of that? Get ready for an ensemble volleyball drama!

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On Neri’s first day at Kokuyodani High School, she finds herself surrounded by a very odd bunch in the volleyball club. Each of her fellow first-years has their own set...

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Most Recent Volume: Shojo Fight, Volume 17

Kokuyodani’s steadily advancing in the spring national tournament―and now they face Seiji Academy, led by heated rival Maya Amamiya and home to four past teammates of Neri’s. Who will win:...

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