Shojo Fight, Volume 15

Kokuyodani, aiming for a spot in the quarterfinals, squares up against their third opponent: Kanaria, the national champions from last year. A worthy opponent, no doubt...but then Kanaria falls victim to a sinister plot! Can the reigning champs regain their footing, and can Neri's team continue to play at their peak against a wounded foe? With monsters lurking across the spring tournament, the real battle begins now!

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Kokuyodani has advanced its team to the quarterfinals! Their next opponent is Suzaku High, coached by Sara's father Tsuchiya. Suzaku captain Teranuma, fully recovered from a knee blowout, and her...

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"You don’t have to try and act normal." Every word from these young athletes has the weight of their lives riding on them as they try to navigate their chaotic...

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