Shojo Fight, Volume 16

Kokuyodani has advanced its team to the quarterfinals! Their next opponent is Suzaku High, coached by Sara's father Tsuchiya. Suzaku captain Teranuma, fully recovered from a knee blowout, and her talented setter Arisugawa lead a tournament favorite that's bound to give Neri and company trouble...but how will Sara and Kyoko deal with Tsuchiya, an alcoholic who used to abuse Sara's mom? And what about the vast, conspiratorial plan by Mikuni Corporation president Meiko Mikuni to power up women's volleyball across any cost?

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Kokuyodani’s steadily advancing in the spring national tournament―and now they face Seiji Academy, led by heated rival Maya Amamiya and home to four past teammates of Neri’s. Who will win:...

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"You don’t have to try and act normal." Every word from these young athletes has the weight of their lives riding on them as they try to navigate their chaotic...

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