Shojo Fight, Volume 3

“You can’t do anything about how other people feel. But you have the power to change your own feelings, so why not try that instead?”

With the new members’ three-on-three practice game over, the Kokuyodani girls' volleyball club is ready to get down to business. There’s only one problem: Nao isn’t coming to practice! Neri tries to infiltrate a volleyball gambling ring that Nao has been sucked into, and that leads to a chance encounter with someone from her past!

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After their participation in a volleyball gambling ring, the members of Kokuyodani High’s girls’ volleyball club now find themselves saddled with a month-long suspension. That’s not their only punishment, however,...

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"You don’t have to try and act normal." Every word from these young athletes has the weight of their lives riding on them as they try to navigate their chaotic...

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