Sickness Unto Death, Part 2

Sickness Unto Death, written by Hikari Asada and illustrated by Takahiro Seguchi, is a dramatic and romantic manga epic where clinical psychology becomes the weapon to do battle with the internal torments of despair, sin, and self-image. At the age of eighteen, Futaba Kazuma is going to college to become a psychologist, and takes a room in a creepy mansion. Among his fellow boarders is a troubled young woman named Emiru, whose psychological problems have eerie physical manifestations: her hair has turned white, her body temperature is well below normal, and her blood pressure is also quite unusual. No psychologists or counselors have been able to help cure her of this problem. Will Kazuma be able to determine the cause of Emiru's despair and save her before it's too late? The key to her recovery, Kazuma believes, may lie in Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard's meditation on despair, The Sickness Unto Death.