Smile Down the Runway, Volume 10

Ikuto graduated from high school and became an intern at Aphro I Dite. He then got a promotion and became a full-time employee months later. However, what got him hired wasn’t his designing skills, but rather, his talent as a patternmaker. His new boss is very unmotivated, and he has to deal with co-workers who possess intense personalities, as well as the undisguised competitiveness at his workplace. And, what’s worse, he also has to face the bane of his existence: computers! Ikuto will have to fight and demonstrate his skills in this unforgiving environment! A new chapter in Ikuto’s story will begin as he resolves to make an impact at the company Toh Ayano works for!

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Yanagida, Ikuto’s mentor, boldly declared that he wants to beat the main Aphro I Dite brand. However, Yanagida’s problematic personality caused his team to distrust him. Ikuto also received disdain...

cover for Smile Down the Runway, 22

Most Recent Volume: Smile Down the Runway, Volume 22

Ikuto decided to dedicate his first show at Tokyo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion festival in Japan, to Chiyuki. With the help of Mii, Hanaoka, and Kokoro, Ikuto created an...

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