Smile Down the Runway, Volume 12

Yanagida held a capsule collection show in New York. The clothes Yanagida and Ikuto created managed to impress the spectators, who all know what is best in the fashion world. Thanks to this experience, Ikuto had now learned about the possibilities that fashion can open up. One day, Aphro I Dite’s CEO, Mai Ayano, called Ikuto to her office to discuss something with him! Meanwhile, Chiyuki has been doing other gigs besides modeling, such as acting in movies. She then received a long-awaited offer. Ikuto wants to do another show with Chiyuki, while she wants to become good enough as a model so that she can stand on equal footing with Ikuto. For those two, this offer is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

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Ikuto was chosen to work alongside Mii as a co-designer of Novice, a sub-brand of Aphro I Dite that is geared toward young people. After learning that Toh will also...

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Ikuto decided to dedicate his first show at Tokyo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion festival in Japan, to Chiyuki. With the help of Mii, Hanaoka, and Kokoro, Ikuto created an...

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