Smile Down the Runway, Volume 15

Terumi demanded that Ikuto must make a bag that can be carried in three ways, four ways, or more. This is a difficult task, but if Ikuto can do it, Terumi will use his bag for every outfit in TGC’s special collection! Not wanting to be outdone by Ikuto, Toh also started revising the outfit for his muse, the world-famous model Charlotte Carey. In order to take her modeling career to the next stage, Chiyuki will also be giving her all at TGC! TGC will be a big event for both Ikuto and Chiyuki, who have both worked hard to earn the right to take part in it! They’ll both give their all and have fun at the same time!

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Ikuto and Chiyuki are enjoying the spectacular Tokyo Girls Collection event from the bottom of their hearts. However, the success of Novice’s customizable bag will depend entirely on TGC’s special...

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Most Recent Volume: Smile Down the Runway, Volume 22

Ikuto decided to dedicate his first show at Tokyo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion festival in Japan, to Chiyuki. With the help of Mii, Hanaoka, and Kokoro, Ikuto created an...

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