cover for Smile Down the Runway, 20

Smile Down the Runway, Volume 20

Ikuto, Mii, Kokoro, and Hanaoka have started their own brand. Ikuto wants to take part in Paris Collection as soon as possible, but his immediate goal right now is exhibiting at Tokyo Fashion Week. Since his brand is new and doesn't have a track record, he'll have to face a lot of obstacles. Without Aphro I Dite's backing, even just promoting his brand is a challenge in itself. However, there's a rumor that the legendary director Tsutomu Kitaya will be making a new movie, and this could be a great opportunity for Ikuto's brand. Thus, Mii decides to enlist Chiyuki's help for a high-stakes gamble! Can Ikuto rise to the challenge and ensure those two's efforts won't be wasted?!