Smile Down the Runway, Volume 6

Ikuto has been gaining more experience as he works under Yanagida and Toh. He was ready to pull out all the stops and prepare for the final round of the Geika Festival. However, things take a turn for the worse just before Chiyuki goes to Paris. As Ikuto faces the biggest trial in his life yet, he starts to have doubts about his dream to become a designer. Toh proclaims that Ikuto is not talented enough to be a designer, and urges him to focus on becoming a patternmaker instead. Yu Igarashi also approaches him and calmly offers to give him money if he persuades Kokoro to give up on becoming a designer. As these painful choices weigh on his mind, Ikuto receives a phone message … Both Ikuto and Chiyuki's dedication to their dreams will now be put to the test!