Smile Down the Runway, Volume 7

It is finally time for the Geika Festival’s final round! Ikuto will have to compete against both Chiyuki and Kokoro during this round. The one who ignited Ikuto’s will to fight was none other than Ryunosuke, a formidable foe he faced in the first qualifying round. Every competitor has their own reasons for participating in this festival. Kokoro wants her manager to acknowledge her ability as a designer. Chiyuki wants to prove those who doubted her wrong. Toh wants to surpass his adoptive grandmother, whom he considers to be the greatest designer in the world. And Ikuto wants to beat “a certain someone.” This is his first fashion show, and Ikuto is going to go all out in order to win! Just who’ll be the first designer to get the audience fired up … ?!

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Ikuto’s first fashion show ever has begun! The concept of his show is “traveling around the world,” where he would present clothes themed after countries around the world, such as...

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Ikuto decided to dedicate his first show at Tokyo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion festival in Japan, to Chiyuki. With the help of Mii, Hanaoka, and Kokoro, Ikuto created an...

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