Smile Down the Runway, Volume 9

Toh Ayano, Ikuto’s archrival, had finally begun his eagerly anticipated show. Toh is considered to be a prodigy who stands above all the 120,000 students in Geika’s history. His show was an awe-inspiring and elaborate masterpiece that captivated the buyers and spectators who were present in the venue. His extraordinary skill and ingenuity shone through the outfits that were showcased on the runway. After all the participants were done with their shows, they were then graded by the judges. The fateful ranking announcement then began. Who will be the one to win the grand prize of the Geika Festival?!

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Ikuto graduated from high school and became an intern at Aphro I Dite. He then got a promotion and became a full-time employee months later. However, what got him hired...

cover for Smile Down the Runway, 22

Most Recent Volume: Smile Down the Runway, Volume 22

Ikuto decided to dedicate his first show at Tokyo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion festival in Japan, to Chiyuki. With the help of Mii, Hanaoka, and Kokoro, Ikuto created an...

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