Something's Wrong With Us, Volume 3

The proprietress has caught onto Nao’s true identity, and will do anything to kick her out. But one day, a woman appears, claiming to be Nao’s mother and covering for her. As Nao chases the bare threads of connections to her real mother, Tsubaki remains close behind. The two grow further intertwined after overcoming the Shirafujiya incident, incurring the wrath of the old master, and sharing a room… But trust is far from the Kogetsuan home where Tsubaki admits to Nao that if he ever saw Sakura again, he’d make Sakura disappear

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In order to impress an esteemed client at a tea ceremony—where Kogetsuan’s old master will be in attendance—Nao plans to help Tsubaki make the perfect wagashi. Before she can get...

Most Recent Volume: Something's Wrong With Us, Volume 11

A Duel for Kogetsuan After a brush with death, the Old Master recognizes that Nao is Sakura and suspects she may be his granddaughter, leaving the question of Kogetsuan’s inheritor...

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