Something's Wrong With Us, Volume 6

Nao is more nervous than ever experiencing some unfamiliar symptoms, but she throws herself into making Shimaya’s warabi mochi in order to help Jojima out. Meanwhile, Tsubaki senses that Nao is hiding something from him, but decides not to press her about it, and the two naturally grow closer. When they visit Yuko, Tsubaki lays bare his true feelings and Nao is touched by his sincerity. She thinks she can take a chance on his love, but can she?

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Past Truths Nao decides to take a chance on Tsubaki’s love and tell him that she’s pregnant, but a series of revelations about the past shakes her resolve. Now, Nao...

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A Duel for Kogetsuan After a brush with death, the Old Master recognizes that Nao is Sakura and suspects she may be his granddaughter, leaving the question of Kogetsuan’s inheritor...

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