Star⇄Crossed!!, Volume 3

The latest comedy from Junko, creator of the wildly popular "Kiss Him, Not Me!” Ultra-passionate fan Azusa Asahina and her favorite pop star Chikashi Chida end up in each other's bodies after being caught in a freak accident. Azusa is forced to hop into the bath with the other P4U members in Chika's body—but apparently, she can't handle the heat of seeing the other members in the buff! And not only that, she realizes in her semi-conscious state that their leader, Haru... is KISSING HER?! When Azusa learns of Haru's secret feelings, she tries desperately to avoid him in a bid to protect Chika's virtue, but neither of them is willing to back down without a fight... When a die-hard idol junkie confronts her popular idol rival, you know the fireworks are about to fly—after all, these Stans can't be friends!! The third volume of the smash hit boy-girl switch comedy!!