Star⇄Crossed!!, Volume 4

Ultra-passionate fan Azusa and her favorite pop star Chikashi end up in each other's bodies after being caught in a freak accident, and now she’s gradually beginning to embrace her romantic feelings towards him. Chikashi has decided to once again pursue his dream of becoming an actor, something he had given up on when he was a child actor, and the distance between him and Azusa who supports that dream is steadily closing… However, the situation suddenly changes when Arisu Akane, Chikashi’s ex-girlfriend, appears before them!! And Chikashi collapses while clutching his chest…?! “Wake up, Chika-kun…!” When the trigger for their body switching finally becomes clear, they find out it’s tied to their lives…?! They’re in desperate and dire straits! This is the final volume of the shockingly high tension love!!