Stellar Witch LIP☆S, Volume 2

Being unimpressionable, steadfast, and independent… Those are the fundamentals of magic!

Now that Cool Violet and Baby Mint have joined the team, LIP☆S is even more powerful! But when Miku follows her favorite fortune teller, Saya Chart, into a party, she falls into a trap set by Egg!! Find out what happens next in the second volume of this explosively popular classic magical girl story!

cover for Stellar Witch, 3

Next Volume: Stellar Witch 3

With the addition of Lunatic Rosé and Glitter Gold, LIP☆S is now five members strong! In order to prepare for battle with Grim and his plans to end the world...

cover for Stellar Witch LIP☆S, 5

Most Recent Volume: Stellar Witch LIP☆S, Volume 5

In order to stop the world’s strongest mage, Grim, from beginning his apocalyptic “Selection,” the girls of LIPS unlock a special power called “mine.” Saya, Yume, and Shizuku attain this...