cover for Sweat and Soap, 6

Sweat and Soap, Volume 6

Despite all the anxieties and obstacles, Asako and Natori’s relationship has proven its staying power. Since deciding to move in together, they’ve found a home they both like, and a new chapter in both their lives has begun! But now that they’ve taken this adult step, there’s an even bigger one looming further up the staircase…but can Asako even think about marriage without breaking a sweat?

cover for Sweat and Soap, 7

Next Volume: Sweat and Soap, Volume 7

After a lot of discussion and planning (and so many Post-It notes), Kotaro and Asako move in together, and a new era of their relationship dawns! But will these meticulously-laid...

cover for Sweat and Soap, 9

Most Recent Volume: Sweat and Soap, Volume 9

Now that Kotaro and Asako have gotten used to living together, they’ve started to think about what their future holds. It’s an exciting—and somewhat terrifying—prospect, one made all the more...

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