cover for Sweat and Soap, 7

Sweat and Soap, Volume 7

After a lot of discussion and planning (and so many Post-It notes), Kotaro and Asako move in together, and a new era of their relationship dawns! But will these meticulously-laid plans stand up to the pressures and annoyances of real life? Pressures like…meeting the family? Kotaro’s managed to smooth things over with Asako’s family so far, but his own relatives haven’t had the chance to meet Asako yet. She’s excited to see how Kotaro grew into the genius scent designer he is today, but she’s also apprehensive. Will she leave the right impression, or will that familiar panic overtake her once again?

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Next Volume: Sweat and Soap, Volume 8

Now that Kotaro and Asako have met each other’s families, things should be smooth sailing from here on out—right? But there’s still their first company trip as a couple, not...

cover for Sweat and Soap, 10

Most Recent Volume: Sweat and Soap, Volume 10

FIRST COMES LOVE, THEN COMES... ...well, a whole lot of stuff. Kotaro and Asako have been through a lot, and now they’re finally ready to take the big plunge. Whatever...

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