cover for Tesla Note, 3

Tesla Note, Volume 3

The Tesla Fragments, and the near-supernatural powers they house, have the power to destroy the entire world. Botan, a teen raised as a ninja, and Kuruma, a smarmy but justice-minded agent, have teamed up to retrieve them...but in Chicago, they're caught in a three-way struggle with the CIA and mafia for a Fragment. As they evade threat after threat, the mysterious "Little House," yet another group after the Fragments, finally makes contact with them. Will they ever find a way to complete this mission?!

Next Volume: Tesla Note, Volume 4

Pino and Elmo of the mysterious "Little House" reveal (much to Botan's amusement) that their official name is Una Casita, which sounds a lot like "I'm hungry" in Japanese. But...

Most Recent Volume: Tesla Note, Volume 5

After personally witnessing the fiery, painful death of Pino by her hands, Botan has lost the motivation to continue working as an agent. But when she returns to her family...