The Drops of God, Volume 26

The battle for the Eighth Apostle begins, a wine fabled to be as divine as a regal Madonna herself—a woman not even Shizuku’s father Yutaka could reach. The Apostle described by him is an elegant, golden “wine of encounters,” and to find it, Shizuku decides to track down the “Madonna” Yutaka wrote of. Meanwhile, Issei conducts his own search—not for the woman behind the wine, but for the wine that made Yutaka picture such revered beauty…

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The Eighth Apostle battle comes to a close! Here is the bottle that exemplifies the “Madonna” Yutaka Kanzaki looked up to, a golden-yellow wine that brings the lucky sampler new...

Cover for The Drops of God, Volume 44

Most Recent Volume: The Drops of God, Volume 44

Shizuku and Issei have both successfully found wines to satisfy Akie and Kyoka's wishes...and now, they're absolutely positive they've found the Twelfth Apostle!

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