The Drops of God, Volume 31

Why is life laden with so many fortunate encounters that prove to be all too fleeting? As Robert Doi would say, "that, too, is wine." But now Loulan, whose keen wine senses have made her indispensible to Issei Tomine, finds herself navigating separation, followed by new meetings—bookended by similarly new, and enthralling, glasses...

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With Issei winning five to four over Shizuku, the battle over the Tenth Apostle begins! But this time, Yutaka's prepared a challenge trickier and more complex than ever before. The...

Cover for The Drops of God, Volume 44

Most Recent Volume: The Drops of God, Volume 44

Shizuku and Issei have both successfully found wines to satisfy Akie and Kyoka's wishes...and now, they're absolutely positive they've found the Twelfth Apostle!

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