The Drops of God, Volume 32

With Issei winning five to four over Shizuku, the battle over the Tenth Apostle begins! But this time, Yutaka's prepared a challenge trickier and more complex than ever before. The task facing the two competitors: The enthralling, sometimes maddening world of Burgundy's Pinot noirs. As divinely elegant as they smell and taste, exploring their realm can be like setting foot in a labyrinth with no escape...

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French fashion designer Alain Clair knows full well who Yutaka Kanzaki is—and he's just insulted him in front of his own son! Now Renée's fashion competition is a kind of...

Cover for The Drops of God, Volume 44

Most Recent Volume: The Drops of God, Volume 44

Shizuku and Issei have both successfully found wines to satisfy Akie and Kyoka's wishes...and now, they're absolutely positive they've found the Twelfth Apostle!

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