The Drops of God, Volume 9

The wine division has a young new staffer--Ryusuke Kido, an avowed wine hater so prejudiced against the drink that he refuses to try it! How to get him to change his mind? In search of an answer, Shizuku travels to his father's villa in Nagano, pursuing memories of his younger years. There, underneath the house, lies part of Yutaka Kanzaki's two-billion-yen wine collection--memories of wine, and people, from the past...

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The "Third Apostle," according to Yutaka Kanzaki's will, has the power to evoke nostalgia for the past. Shizuku, sensing his decisive lack of wine experience, visits wine collector and film...

Cover for The Drops of God, Volume 44

Most Recent Volume: The Drops of God, Volume 44

Shizuku and Issei have both successfully found wines to satisfy Akie and Kyoka's wishes...and now, they're absolutely positive they've found the Twelfth Apostle!

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