The Ghost in the Shell 1.5 Deluxe Edition

NEW HARDCOVER DELUXE EDITION! Now a major motion picture!

• Definitive new edition supervised by creator Shirow Masamune 
• In the original, right-to-left format with Japanese sound effects for the first time! 
• Brand-new bonus content  
• Released simultaneously with deluxe editions of The Ghost in the Shell 1 and 2 

The ”lost” Ghost in the Shell stories, created by Shirow Masamune after completing work on the original Ghost in the Shell manga and prior to his tour-de-force, Ghost in the Shell 2: Man-Machine Interface. Focusing on Section 9 agents in their daily battle against technocrime, Human-Error Processor. Features the stories “Fat Cat,” “Drive Slave,” “Mines of Mind,” and “Lost Past.”

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