The God-Tier Guardian and the Love of Six Princesses, Volume 2

The Heavenly Emperor Arsmeria disappeared into the future after undertaking the Ritual of Reincarnation. Lloyd, who is searching for her in the world a thousand years later, discovers that Arsmeria's soul has been split in 6. Eight years have passed since that day. Lloyd sets off to attend the Magic Academy, the gathering spot of students from all over the continent. He is joined by his little sister, Kanon, and the King of Cats he met in the forest, Tito. At the Academy, he comes into contact with the various nobles of each Empire, as well as the powerful Princesses. Will he find traces of Arsmeria here?! Heroines appear one after another! A powerful foe makes their appearance as well! The second volume of an Isekai Fantasy that's picking up steam!