The God-Tier Guardian and the Love of Six Princesses, Volume 6

During the climax of the Spring Magic Festival, during Lloyd and Human Princess Suseri's duel, Lloyd is suddenly drawn towards an ancient spear thrown down by Yuyuka. This spear belonged to Lloyd's best friend a thousand years ago, Guardian Knight Freed.
Within a mental world of just the two of them, Freed stares forth at Lloyd with gloomy eyes. Swallowed by that dark power, in the real world, Lloyd bares his fangs towards Suseri! The two are locked in a life and death battle within a domain of darkness. This is the greatest crisis Lloyd and Suseri have met, will the light shine through and break the darkness?!
Yuyuka's evil ambitions towards Lloyd and the princesses are revealed, as well as the shadow of another mastermind behind the scenes. The sixth volume of this highly popular fantasy series is filled with unexpected rapid developments!