The Great Cleric, Volume 3

Though reincarnated in this new world as a healer, former salaryman Luciel spends his days working at the Adventurers’ Guild, healing injured adventurers and training hard so he doesn’t die as easily here as he did the first time. He’s making good progress in his training and even a few friends, but then he finds out that someone who doesn’t like his reasonable prices has him in their sights!

Next Volume: The Great Cleric, Volume 4

After arriving in the holy city, reincarnated healer Luciel is assigned to the Church of St. Shurule Healer’s Guild Headquarters exorcist unit. His new job is cleansing an underground labyrinth...

cover for The Great Cleric, 8

Most Recent Volume: The Great Cleric, Volume 8

After attaining the rank of S-Class Healer, Luciel reads an account of the life of Healers’ Guild founder Lord Reinstar. But each page he reads only leaves him more startled...