The Great Cleric, Volume 6

Luciel has reached the thirtieth floor of the underground labyrinth. But when Cattleya sees him thriving despite his dangerous mission, she begins to suspect he may be taking strange drugs…which rings one very smelly bell in Luciel’s mind: Substance X! Is it finally time to reveal its secrets?!

cover for The Great Cleric, 7

Next Volume: The Great Cleric, Volume 7

Luciel plunges once again into the underground labyrinth to challenge the fortieth floor, but when he doesn’t come back for six months, Cattleya gets worried. And his old friends and...

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Most Recent Volume: The Great Cleric, Volume 8

After attaining the rank of S-Class Healer, Luciel reads an account of the life of Healers’ Guild founder Lord Reinstar. But each page he reads only leaves him more startled...