The Invincible Reincarnated Ponkotsu, Volume 4

[Tragic News] My childhood friend is so clumsy, even in another world... She's entirely hopeless, but even after she reincarnated into another world, she was even more incompetent... This might be the most dangerous Reincarnated Into Another World manga out there!

We have comedy (a Ponkotsu)! We have romance (a harem)! And we have tragedy (serious moments)...maybe?!
The story starts with our heroes, Shota, Sanae, and Kana, trying to avoid a tricycle and getting struck by a truck instead! They reincarnate into another world into the bodies of these warriors called "The Seven Braves." The three fight to save the Kingdom of Notrand, the home of one of the Seven Braves. However, what awaits them at the end of this war is a terrible tragedy...