The Prince's Black Poison, Volume 1

Rizu's childhood friend Souta-kun has always been super cute but also just a little helpless, so she's taken it upon herself to take care of him. Little does she know, that Souta-kun is only a facade! No scheme is too extravagant—Souta-kun will stop at nothing to keep her to himself. From the creator of Gakuen Prince and Rose & Wolf, Jun Yuzuki's newest work: a love story about a cute but cunning childhood friend!

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Rizu is interested in the shabby chemistry teacher Azuma-sensei, so things get awkward between her and her childhood friend Souta-kun ... Souta-kun tries to eliminate the competition like always, but...

Most Recent Volume: The Prince's Black Poison, Volume 10

Last volume! I’ll always be by your side. Rizu and Souta reveal their feelings for each other and bask in their newfound happiness. But then Souta’s father arrives out of...

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