The Prince's Black Poison, Volume 2

Rizu is interested in the shabby chemistry teacher Azuma-sensei, so things get awkward between her and her childhood friend Souta-kun ... Souta-kun tries to eliminate the competition like always, but this teacher is a surprisingly challenging opponent?! The gorgeous Souta-kun plots and schemes. Crack open this cunning, adorable childhood-friend love story!

Next Volume: The Prince's Black Poison, Volume 3

Rizu has always thought of Souta-kun as a little brother, but now his quick approach has her heart pounding! Is romantic progress in their future?! Time for the too-beautiful Souta-kun...

Most Recent Volume: The Prince's Black Poison, Volume 10

Last volume! I’ll always be by your side. Rizu and Souta reveal their feelings for each other and bask in their newfound happiness. But then Souta’s father arrives out of...

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