The Prince's Black Poison, Volume 7

After learning of Tatsumi’s straightforward feelings, Rizu tries to stop him from leaving! Meanwhile, Souta plots to keep Rizu for himself! He takes her out on an overnight trip and the two are brought very close very quickly!! The too-beautiful Souta-kun is up to his dirty tricks yet again in this cunning-but-cute childhood-friend love story!

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Rizu finally learns Souta’s true nature when Tatsumi, unable to suppress his feelings for her, exposes Souta’s underhanded deeds. Shaken, Rizu seeks the truth, and Souta admits what he has...

Most Recent Volume: The Prince's Black Poison, Volume 10

Last volume! I’ll always be by your side. Rizu and Souta reveal their feelings for each other and bask in their newfound happiness. But then Souta’s father arrives out of...

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