The Prince's Romance Gambit, Volume 2

Hatsuyuki Ichimonji has specs that are completely off the charts, but he's taken interest in the everday girl Koume Yoshida! Throwing his Four Lords into total chaos, he persues her, but it seems that he's not the only one in the race! Will Koume give in to the ever-persistent prince? Or will she succumb to what she knows best?! The rose petal storm continues in Volume 2!

Next Volume: The Prince's Romance Gambit, Volume 3

Faced with an endless onslaught of affection from the school’s prince, Hatsuyuki, average girl Koume finally begins to recognize her love for him as well. But just before summer vacation,...

Most Recent Volume: The Prince's Romance Gambit, Volume 10

There’s no stopping the super high-spec prince’s unusual and excessive love! After Hatsuyuki leaves the school to protect Koume and the others, she abducts him and runs off with him...

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