The Prince's Romance Gambit, Volume 5

Tsubaki’s sudden confession of love rattles Koume. Before she can recover, she has to attend Akari’s family party as Hatsuyuki’s partner, but the glamorous world she sees there causes her to feel a distance between herself and Hatsuyuki, increasing her distress. Who is it that saves Koume when she feels so completely out of place?! Find out in the turbulent Volume 5 of this Super High-Spec Prince x Commoner Social Gap Excessive Love Story!!

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Scandal rocks the school when word gets out about Koume and the elder Shiranui brother, not to mention Hatsuyuki and Akari! Koume wants to discuss things with Hatsuyuki, but his...

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There’s no stopping the super high-spec prince’s unusual and excessive love! After Hatsuyuki leaves the school to protect Koume and the others, she abducts him and runs off with him...

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